Clear Virtual Solutions was started in 2019 by Emma Pickering as a virtual assistant services business. Over time, it has evolved to provide specialized digital services that cater specifically to creative artists and small business entrepreneurs.

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Emma Pickering

Originally hailing from Ontario, Emma moved to Victoria, BC in 2012 to study at the University of Victoria. In 2016, she graduated with a BA in Anthropology, intending to go into research and academia. However, she soon became unaligned with that path and instead took a job at a self-publishing services company in Victoria. 

Her position there involved managing 50-60 author accounts at any one time, guiding each author through the publication process from start to finish. Emma acted as a middle-person between the author and the other departments involved in the process: editing, design, and book promotions. After 14 months, Emma left the 9-5 lifestyle to begin her own online entrepreneurial pursuits.​

That is the business side of Emma – she is also a creative at heart, and enjoys creative writing and poetry. Her work has appeared in Filling Station and her short story Nadir was shortlisted for the UK-based Online Writing Tips Short Fiction Prize in 2019. Emma is also a volunteer at The Malahat Review. She primarily writes prose and poetry that experiments with form, feminism, and strong elements of fabulism.


Emma sees herself not as an employee or personal assistant, but as a collaborative and creative contractor. She has worked with many types of clients, from those who are more business oriented, to those who are more focused on creative or personal goals.

As a self-made online entrepreneur and a creative writer with high ambitions, Emma understands the challenges when starting a new business from scratch, or the struggles with trying to become a published writer. She has learned a lot from her own ventures and is passionate about using those experiences to help other like herself succeed in their own business and creative passions.


Emma brings a wide range of skills to her job as well as open mindedness and creativity. Her goal is to be as transparent with you as possible and find the solutions you need in order to bring clarity to your creative life and business.