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Author Submissions

Getting published is often every writer's dream, though we may each have different reasons for why we want to be published – a lifelong goal, building artistic merit, bragging rights, proving something to ourselves or others, or dreams of it becoming a career. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure; unless you submit your work, you'll never get published! Submitting to lit mags and journals must be consistent if you want to see results. But how do you know which of your prose or poetry has the best chance of being published? And at which literary magazines should you submit them to? That's where our handy submission plans come in. We also provide manuscript services for authors wanting to publish books.

What is a 'Submission Plan'?

What does a submission plan include?


A submission plan includes all the details needed for you to easily make submissions to reading periods or contests, such as:

  • name of magazine

  • location of magazine

  • a bit about the magazine's mandate or mission

  • name of the contest or reading period and its due date

  • entry fee, if any

  • prize, if any

  • contributor payment, if any

  • submission formatting requirements

  • if they accept simultaneous submissions or not

  • word limitations or number of poem limitations

  • response time from the magazine if known

  • an explanation of why we think the selected works would be a good fit for each particular magazine

A Submission Plan is a unique curation of various upcoming 'calls for submissions' at different literary magazines that we tailor to fit the type of work that you write.


The way it works is, you send us a sample of your work or the pieces that you'd like to get published, and we read them. We then ask you what are the types of places you'd like to be published in? What is your budget for contest fees, if any? What are your goals when it comes to lit mag publishing? Then, based on what we've read and learned, we use our vast repertoire of lit mag knowledge (primarily Canadian) to put together a list of upcoming calls for submissions that we think your work would do well to submit to, either because your type of work matches what a magazine is looking for, or it has the merit to win a certain contest, or your work just happens to fit well with an upcoming themed submission call that a magazine is having.


Each magazine has a different mandate or mission, a unique vibe, and certain tastes for the types of work and voices they like to publish. Doing this type of research into each magazine though can be tedious and time consuming, and unless you're able to read back issues of a magazine online, or order a physical copy of their most recent issue to see what kind of work they publish, it can be a bit like taking a shot in the dark at a moving target.

But we have already done all of that research for you! We have been creating submission plans since 2018, and are always becoming more and more familiar with the Canadian lit mag market. By having a submission plan, or better yet, a Submissions Editor, you have someone to hold you accountable for finishing those pieces of work and getting them submitted! 

We encourage you to have all of your work professionally edited before you send it to us to read. We make our submission plan recommendations based on not only the content of your writing, but also the caliber of it, and we will only make suggestions of where your work could be submitted to if we really think it has a chance of being accepted at that place. However, we do not guarantee publication acceptance at a magazine – we only guarantee a consistent submitting, plan, and that is what can lead to publication.


If you are in need of an editor, check out our resource page to see who we recommend.

Author Submission Packages

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Example of a Thriving Artist

We have been Michelle's Submissions Editor for the past 3 years, and because of the regular submission plans and the high calibre of her talented work, she has enjoyed great success with her poetry and prose publications, including a book of poetry that debuts next spring.

      Shyness will get you nowhere.

Self-doubt, disclosure anxiety, the dreaded record-keeping. Over the past two years, I have been published or long-listed by Arc, PRISM international, Grain, CV2, Vallum, and Room—all because Emma carefully selects poems from my “ready to submit” folder and gets them sent by the submission deadline. She tracks what has been sent where, searches for appropriate homes for specific, difficult-to-place poems and CNF, and keeps my author website current. I would not be enjoying the success I’ve had without her because she keeps me from self-sabotage. Best writing investment you’ll ever make."

–Michelle Poirier Brown