How To Brand Yourself Online As An Artist Or Business

How does an artist or writer brand themselves? Why is it important? How can a small business use their brand to gain consumer trust?

Blowing our own horns is often something we're not comfortable doing, and yet it's something we must do if we want to stand out in the online world. This is called building your brand. Your brand is what people remember about you.

Branding as a Creative Artist

If you're a creative artist, you can brand yourself by the type of art that you create. Art is inherently an expression of self, so when you're putting your art into the world, you're expressing your brand.

Perhaps you're a lyrical prose writer who primarily uses elements of fabulism in your writing and experiments with form. Perhaps you work in your chosen medium with the sole desire to express your voice on social change.

Once you know what you're all about as an artist, you can use that to create a branded presence online.

I understand that 'branding' may seem like a business-related term that doesn't belong in the world of creative arts, but believe it or not, being a published or paid artist is actually a business!

And it's important to build a brand as an artist because because if you're wanting to sell your art, publish your writing, get acting gigs, or inspire change with your work, you want people to be able to find you and remember who you are, so that they'll keep coming back for more.

If you're consistent in what you deliver and you're always honing your craft, you're already half way there on your branding! The next step is creating that online presence so that potential publishers, commissioners, venues, customers, supporters, and so forth can find you.

Branding as a Small Business

If you're a small business owner, it should be a no brainer why branding is important! Selling a product or service requires you to build the 'know, like and trust' factor, and you can do that through your branding.

First, people need to know where to find you and be able to tell right away what you're all about. This is the meat and potatoes of your brand doing the initial work. You need to be present online in such a way that people know exactly what you're all about within the first several seconds of landing on your website or social media account.

Then, they need to like what they see – ding ding! Your ideal client has found you. You can achieve this by creating content that is useful, insightful, engaging and relevant to people in your target audience.

Lastly, if they're going to invest in your product or service, they need to be able to trust you. Will this business really be able to help me? Is this what I need? This is where testimonials and social proof come in.

Try to gather testimonials whenever you can, and don't be shy to display them! On your website, google business page, Facebook reviews tab, and even directly within your social media posts.

Lastly, don't take short cuts on having a professional logo and website. It can make all the difference when a client can tell right away that you don't take your business very seriously versus knowing that you are clearly invested in yourself, which means you're invested in helping them.

Let's get branding!

Knowing who you are and what you or your business is all about is essential to building your brand identity online and attracting clients or paid artistic work.

It might sound like an overwhelming thing to nail down, but you actually already know all of the answers! You just need to focus on answering the right questions, and having the resources to put it all together.

Are you an artist or writer? Have you ever thought about your artistic brand? Are you a small business owner? How do you enhance your business brand?

If you're struggling with answering these questions, let's chat! DM me or email