What is a Submission Plan?

A Submission Plan is a service that we offer where we curate a unique selection of various upcoming 'calls for submissions' from different literary magazines. We tailor this selection to fit the style of work that you write, whether it's poetry, creative nonfiction, or short stories.

First, you send us a sample of the pieces that you'd like to get published and we read them. We then have a consultation about:

  • the pieces we've read

  • the types of places you'd like to be published in

  • what your budget is for submission fees

  • what your goals are when it comes to lit mag publishing

We then use our vast repertoire of lit mag knowledge (primarily Canadian) to put together a list of upcoming calls for submissions that we think your work would do well to submit to.

Why bother with a Submission Plan?

Each magazine has a different mandate or mission, a unique vibe, and certain tastes for the types of work and voices they like to publish. They truly are a work of art and as such, it can take time to get to know each of them, let alone figure out which ones you should submit to. Without all this work, submitting a piece of work can be a bit like taking a shot in the dark at a moving target.

But we know the value of doing the work. We have made it our job to get to know lit mags and be able to introduce some to you. It's a bit of a matchmaking service, if you will!

We've been creating submission plans since 2018 and are always becoming more and more familiar with the Canadian lit mag market. By having a submission plan, or better yet, a Submissions Editor, you have something to hold you accountable for finishing those pieces of work and getting them submitted.

So, does this guarantee publication?

We encourage you to have all of your work professionally edited before you send it to us for reading. Check out our Resource page for recommended editors.

We make our submission recommendations based on not only the content of your writing, but also the caliber of it, and we will only make suggestions of where your work could be submitted to if we really think it has a chance of being accepted at that place.

However, a Submission Plan does not a guarantee acceptance of your work at a magazine – it only guarantees cultivating a consistent submission habit aimed at the places that are most likely to accept your work, and that is what can lead to publication.

Check out our Author Submission page for packaged pricing, or get in touch with us to chat further:

Happy writing!