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“Shyness will get you nowhere. Self-doubt, disclosure anxiety, the dreaded record-keeping. Over the past two years, I have been published or long-listed by Arc, PRISM international, Grain, CV2, Vallum, and Room—all because Emma carefully selects poems from my “ready to submit” folder and gets them sent by the submission deadline. She tracks what has been sent where, searches for appropriate homes for specific, difficult-to-place poems and CNF, and keeps my author website current. I would not be enjoying the success I’ve had without her because she keeps me from self-sabotage. Best writing investment you’ll ever make."

MICHELLE B. | Poet & Writer

“I had been working on an idea for a book for about 2 years before I started working with Emma. After listening to the vision I had for my book and sending her all of the materials I had gathered or written so far, Emma was able to streamline that material and help organize it into a solid outline for a full draft. She helped write and edit some of the material and did research for me, gathered references, and consulted creatively on various directions for the layout of the chapters and key themes.  She adapted easily as the content of the book morphed over time and was very collaborative in her efforts. Emma helped connect the dots in such a way that I was able to finish a first draft and am now in the final stages of publishing it. I highly recommend her for anyone who is interested and invested in completing their book or other creative written work.”

Home office for creative artists or small business owners

WAYNE F. | Author of Being Connected

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You were a delight to work with and your creative skills and business integrity are wonderful. You made the whole process stress free for me from the coordination of writing the perfect copy to your visual expertise to working with my company marketing group to develop my new website. It looks fantastic! Thanks again and I will be sure to recommend you to the many admirers of my site." 

"I had never had a virtual assistant until I met Emma. She responded quickly to all my requests, from updating my website (I love Emma’s website,) to formatting pages with all the little details I found tricky to do. She even jumped in to give feedback on my title search for my book. She was prompt, efficient, and friendly. I consider Emma part of my team. It takes a community to write a book!" 

ELLA HARVEY | Writer & Author